• Janet Ballonoff

Stay flexible and focused in 2022 - Marketing Trends to Help You Thrive

Updated: Jun 22

As 2022 gets underway, businesses and nonprofits are again faced with uncertainty, thanks to the disruption caused by COVID-19. Marketing departments need to plan, but with budgets up in the air, key positions unfilled and consumer sentiment modulating, developing annual or even quarterly strategies is tricky.


What marketers need in 2022 is a combination of flexibility and focus. Whether you’re a team of 2 or 200, embracing these characteristics will help you weather the changes that the new year has in store while ensuring you’re not drifting away from your goals. Let’s look at how a few trends expected in 2022 can help you thrive.

Plan for hybrid events

Events have long been a great way to promote your business. But with restrictions regarding in-person gatherings continuously changing, it’s hard to know whether to plan for virtual or live events. The second half of 2021 saw many events take a hybrid approach, offering virtual presentations as well as in-person opportunities to gather. Whether you’re thinking of hosting an event or participating in one, consider a hybrid approach that will garner engagement regardless of pandemic restrictions and personal preferences. This flexibility will allow you to stay in contact with customers and prospects and give you the right outlet for reaching them.

Loop in nonprofits

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts continue to influence how an organization is viewed and who will buy from them. And companies that focus on CSR are seeing the benefits – in a 2021 Forrester study, 69% of respondents reported that their organizations saw increased sales as a result of CSR initiatives.

In 2022, organizations are expected to take CSR one step further by including relevant nonprofits in their efforts. Partnering with nonprofits that are active in areas deemed important by your CSR strategy – such as addressing local food insecurity or cutting carbon emissions – adds action, and therefore credibility, to your intentions. And such partnerships could open the door to new customers who support the nonprofit partner that you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. The converse is also true – nonprofits that look to partner with like-minded companies could gain new support from the organization’s customers as well as employees.

Demonstrating a deeper commitment to your CSR goals through nonprofit partnerships will help marketers stay focused on what matters in 2022.

Consider micro influencers

The influencer trend appears to be here to stay, but in 2022 the focus is expected to shift somewhat to quality instead of quantity. Traditionally, companies have brought on influencers such as celebrities and industry thought leaders with broad online reach. But the trend is moving toward micro influencers - those with fewer social-media followers but higher engagement levels because their expertise is more focused. They may be followed by fewer people, but those who do follow them are likely to be more interested in a topic and possibly further along in their customer journey. Partnering with micro influencers can help your marketing efforts stay focused on relevant topics to win new customers.

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