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Inbound Marketing for
Small and Start-Up Businesses

As a small business owner wearing many hats, you know the important role marketing plays in growing your business.


Read this book to better understand inbound marketing and get easy-to-understand, concrete steps you can use in your marketing efforts to grow your business today!

Available in print and eBook formats.


Get your copy today!

Paperback: $19.99 | eBook: $9.99

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"I highly recommend [The Principles of Inbound Marketing for Small and Start-Up Businesses]! It's concise and full of actionable information. Potential clients want to be informed and research businesses before they engage with them. Similarly, as small business owners, we want our clients to be as knowledgeable as possible. "Inbound marketing" is a concept that aims to meet both of these objectives in a mutual and conversational relationship. This book explains the basics, provides a road map for planning a long-term strategy, gives guidance on creating compelling marketing content, and explains how to convert that to sales."

Paul Oyen, S.E. | Structural Engineer | Oyen Structural

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