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Marketing Strategy Solutions offers a targeted portfolio of essential marketing services. With 30 years of expertise under our belts we know our strengths, and we can help you play to yours. Whether it’s collaborating to develop customized marketing strategies, consulting on lead-generation activities, or implementing effective marketing automation programs, Marketing Strategy Solutions can help start-ups and small businesses reach their target audiences and revenue goals.


Strategic Planning

Do you need to fill a short-term gap in your marketing capabilities, validate existing marketing plans, or create new marketing strategies to drive you forward? Turn to us.

Marketing Strategy Solutions collaborates with clients to develop tailored, actionable plans that help you reach prospects and customers in the most effective way possible to drive awareness and engagement. Our strategic planning services include:

  • Developing and overseeing your digital marketing plans to reach the audiences that are mostly likely to turn into sales.

  • Reviewing program metrics on a regular basis to ensure targets are hit based on pre-approved KPIs.

  • Advising on any necessary adjustments and new trends that could benefit your strategy.

We take the time to understand your specific needs and budget so we can develop the right digital marketing plans to meet your goals.

Lead Generation

Creating effective marketing campaigns that carve out the right audiences to generate high-quality leads is part science, part art. We have expertise in both and can help you build programs that grow pipeline and revenue. Our lead generation services include:

  • Coordinating directly with writers and media agencies to ensure the development of high-quality content.

  •  Advising on building business and industry recognition programs as well as customer retention and post-purchase engagement/loyalty strategies.

  • Testing campaign strategies to define and execute enhancements to productivity, conversion rates, program/campaign ROI, and pipeline growth.

Whether you’re launching offerings, breaking into new markets, or re-engaging contacts, leverage our know-how to develop high-performing, cost-effective campaigns.

Marketing Automation

From augmenting existing capabilities to working as embedded members of your team, our Marketing Automation services deliver the expertise and support you need to execute marketing programs and automation processes that meet your goals. Our marketing automation services include:

  • Email, email nurture, webinar, and other program development and execution, including segmentation, testing, deployment, and continuous optimization.

  • Database and lead-scoring maintenance, integration, lead uploads, and program set up and on-going support.

  • Lead nurturing, segmentation, data cleansing, data enrichment, and data alignment.

  • Maintenance and optimization of the inbound lead-management process.

Our marketing automation services can scale up or down with your needs to help generate high-quality leads, increase sales pipeline, and grow company revenue.

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