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Technology-Driven Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing Strategy Solutions offers specialized services tailored to your mission and outcomes, to help you reach and engage with new and current members and donors. An expert Marketing Strategy Solutions consultant will work as part of your team to provide the strategic guidance and hands-on support you need to make your program a success. You’ll find us to be the solution you need to supplement skills already in-house or fill a needed gap in your existing capabilities.


Email Marketing

We provide detailed audience segmentation, based on your target audience demographics and psychographics to create a solid digital marketing strategy. 


Marketing Strategy Solutions can create messages and copywriting that provide unity between your subject line, body text, and the all-important CTA (call to action). You’ll benefit from strong copy created with urgency, appropriate storytelling, and relevancy.  


We create ongoing email optimization and engagement through automated email delivery. 


Let us match you with the ideal email platform to meet all your needs.

Virtual Event Support

We teach you how to create robust online events. These are an ideal component to add to your in-person and fundraising events. 


Marketing Strategy Solutions can help you find the best platform for your virtual events as well as help you plan and execute a solid live stream strategy. 


We give you outstanding promotional support to make people aware of how you serve the needs of your community. 


We find a foolproof online payment method that works for you and your community. We provide support in selecting and integrating your organization onto this new platform. 


Let Marketing Strategy Solutions provide the support you need to make social media and online fundraising less intimidating.

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