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Best Practices for Using Events to Promote Your Business

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Events can be a great way to engage a new audience, hopefully resulting in more prospects and customers. Virtual and in-person events can help bring your community of prospects and customers together. Prospects get a chance to hear from your customers, which might move them towards becoming customers themselves. Customers may learn new ways to benefit from your products, which could result in additional purchases.

Virtual events are less difficult and expensive to set up, easier for people to attend, and allow your customers to meet other customers from distant locations. In-person events allow for face-to-face exchanges, can provide the chance to touch and examine products, and often include ever-popular food and drinks. Whether you do in-person or virtual events here are some tips on keeping your audience engaged.

Good communication is key. Keep your community informed of news related to your company or industry, special offers, and upcoming events via social media, one-off emails, or even a periodic e-newsletter. Keeping your customers up-to-date is top priority, so they can stay engaged with your company and hopefully attend your events.

Before you even start planning a virtual or in-person event, make sure the concept for the event will be one that generates interest and excitement. One way to keep your attendees engaged is to provide chances to win prizes or raffles during the event. You can also set aside time for attendees to ask any questions they may have.

Remember – just because an event has ended doesn’t mean its influence also has to be over! Keep excitement around the event going by creating a recap of the event for people who missed it or want to relive portions of it. You can even tailor event summaries for people who just want to see certain parts of it. If you do your event recap as a video on YouTube, you can use the timestamp feature to split the video into sections. Don’t forget to promote the video through social media, email, or e-newsletter.

Whether you are hosting virtual or in-person, these tips should make your event more successful. Happy hosting!

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