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Use Customer Commentary & Reviews to Maximize Your Referrals

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

When it comes to maximizing your B2B SaaS company’s success, leveraging customer commentary and reviews for referrals is key. Studies have shown that 91% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision*, and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations*. What this means is that if your B2B SaaS company doesn’t have a system in place for collecting customer comments and reviews, you could be missing out on valuable leads and sales conversions.

Actively engaging with customers by collecting and monitoring customer feedback through surveys, email campaigns, online forms, and social media channels enables you to:

  • gain insights into customer preferences.

  • respond to any issues or concerns expressed by users.

  • provide referrals from satisfied customers.

  • create content tailored specifically towards the wants and needs of potential buyers.

  • promote positive user experiences to boost brand loyalty among existing customers capture the attention of new prospects.

All of which helps you make your products or services more appealing, build trust with customers and prospective buyers, and drive revenue growth for your business.

Illustration of customer commentary quotes and thought bubbles.

Here are four ways you can make the most out of customer commentary, reviews, and referrals.

1. Enhance Credibility and Establish Social Proof by Leveraging Online Reviews

Customer reviews are a valuable source of insights and feedback on products and services. They serve as genuine testimonials from real customers, providing a wealth of information. To unlock the full potential of customer feedback, reviews, and referrals, leverage popular platforms like G2 Crowd, Capterra, and TrustRadius. These platforms are widely used by B2B SaaS companies to gather valuable insights from their customers. On these sites, customers can provide detailed reviews about their experience with a business's software or services. By showcasing positive customer experiences on these review sites and promptly addressing any concerns raised by users, you can build trust with potential buyers and drive revenue growth effectively.

Moreover, when these glowing testimonials are shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, they can not only boost brand loyalty among existing customers but also capture the attention of new prospects. By showcasing positive reviews and highlighting customer experiences, you can foster trust, drive sales, and cultivate brand loyalty.

2. Use Customer Quotes to Highlight the Benefits of Your Offerings

When crafting marketing content, it is crucial to emphasize the advantages of your products or services. By incorporating customer testimonials, you can make these benefits more tangible and relatable to your audience. Instead of simply stating that your product is exceptional, potential customers can see firsthand how others have derived value from your offerings. It is imperative to ensure that the testimonials are genuine and valuable, highlighting specific aspects or features that truly stand out.

Another effective approach is to leverage customer segmentation techniques when creating and promoting customer commentary and referrals. This involves categorizing customers into distinct groups based on their preferences, interests, as well as demographic factors such as industry, company size, and job title. Subsequently, you can tailor targeted marketing campaigns that cater to these specific segments. This approach enables the creation of highly personalized experiences that resonate with customers far better than generic marketing messages. As a result, it paves the way for increased conversions and referrals.

3. Include Customer Commentary in Your Social Media Posts

Utilize social media platforms as a powerful tool to access valuable customer feedback. Encourage customers to share their experiences and leave reviews on your social media pages, showcasing how people engage with your brand. Leverage platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to post customer comments, product photos, and captivating stories that resonate with your followers. Additionally, ensure to promptly respond to comments and feedback, fostering meaningful interactions with your customers on a personal level.

4. Encourage Customers to Write Product or Service Reviews on Your Web Pages

Allowing customers to leave reviews on your website is an excellent strategy for demonstrating your credibility and expertise. Positive reviews serve as social proof, instilling confidence in potential customers and increasing the likelihood of them choosing to purchase from your brand. You can encourage customers to share their feedback by sending follow-up emails or including it as part of your customer success program.

Responding to every review, regardless of its nature, is crucial. Address any concerns or feedback that customers may have to show that you value their opinions.

In addition, don't forget to directly ask satisfied customers for referrals! While it may feel uncomfortable to come across as overly "salesy," when executed correctly, this can be an effective way to grow your business rapidly and affordably without compromising quality or reputation. Consider implementing an incentive program, such as offering discounts for referrals or sending thank-you gifts for successful recommendations. This not only demonstrates your appreciation but also encourages others to spread the word about your exceptional products or services!

Effectively utilizing customer review data goes beyond building trust; it drives referrals and enhances sales and revenue.

Adopting a customer-centric approach to marketing is crucial for fostering trust and credibility. By incorporating valuable customer feedback, you can establish deeper connections and showcase the true value of your brand. Leverage quotes, social media, and web reviews to authentically highlight the voices and experiences that truly matter. Through open communication, you can cultivate a loyal army of brand advocates who will positively impact your bottom line.

In today's digital age, customer reviews are more essential than ever. Studies demonstrate that people trust customers more than businesses themselves. Let's harness the power of customer commentary to elevate your brand's impact, authenticity, and performance. It's time to let your customers become your greatest allies in the pursuit of success.

Interested in learning more about how customer commentary can improve your marketing efforts? Check out our services page.

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